DANDI BIYO Nepali Short Movie

Dandi Biyo is  a national game of Nepal. Two sticks and a hole is an important part of this game.One stick is kept on the ground and another be will thrown as far as possible by player and opponent player will be on line to catch it out. The one who will catch it will be the winner and can play the game where if the stick is caught that player will be out.

This interesting game have been filmed in a short movie with a fictional drama. A group of people are playing the game in this short movie. There are two girls and two boys on this game. They all are concertinaing on their game with great interest. Agirl at her turn lost one stick called biyo. The game got paused for some time. Because the game will be incomplete without Dandi and Biyo.

The girl who lost that according to the rule should search herself. So she went to search that wood and as she was searching one man goes to nearby. Than he asked her to come nearby and they started the rom@nce there in public.