The Movie of Chakka Panjha Trailer Released now.

Namastenp, Kathmandu
Comedy and talented actress Deepa Shree Nirula has directing the new movie “Chakka Panjha” and the movie of the trailer was released now.
On Tuesday, the movie trailer was released on the meeting progamme.
Deepa Shree Nirula has featuring the same old role in this Movie .
The movie is featuring with the beautiful actress Priyanka Karki, Deepa Shree Niurola and leading actor are Deepak Raaj Giri, Jitu Nepal,Kedar Ghimere, Shiva Hari Poudel,Kunjana Ghimere,Buddhi Tamang and the movie is showing or focusing about the poor people life.
All the Leading star are making fun this movie by their own funny character. Many actor are investing the fund in the movie which is going to releasing on Bhadra 24.