A new Nepali short movie has been uploaded on YouTube and it is a very educational short movie. In the short movie a man has just arrived to Kathmandu to go abroad. he has no idea where he needs to go and is wondering around. But a girls sees him and starts to talk to him.

She even says that there is a room in her house and he could stay there if he wanted. He agrees and the girl takes him with her. They go to her room and they start to talk there. They get close instantly. Later they end up going on a date and they talk about different political and other things. They go home again and talk about things. They rest turn by turn and the girl says that she wants to go out again.

But this time the girl asks the man to wait. She goes to the room and steals everything the man has from his bag and runs away. The guy gets sc@red as he waits for a long time and he goes back only to find that he has been tr!cked.