Dhiren Shakya ( Film Actor ) And Gayatri Thapa – TimroMayale | New Adhunik Pop Song 2016

The handsome and sexy actor of Nepali film industry Dhiren shakya is now seen in a new nepaliadhunik pop song. The title of the song is “Timromayale” and was released on 8th march 2016.

Sanjeebani has given her beautiful voice in this song. The credit for the heart touching lyrics goes toGayatriThapa whereas the music was composed by Santosh Shrestha.

This song is about a woman who has been married to a guy and also has a baby child with him. Despite this, the husband is seen to be having an extr@-m@rital affair which she is clearly aware about. She feels betr@yed but still loves her husband. What love does to a being is shown in this song

Feelings of sadness, disappointment and loneliness start to hover her around because of him. This becomes intolerable for her and makes a way out of these by finishing herself; The only way to her helpless situation and  to make her husband realize about what he has been doing to her all this time.

So, this is basically a tr@g!c song which shows the dark side of being in love with someone and not getting the proper love in return.

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