New Hot Dohori Item Song 2016 “Pani Ghailako”

Apart from the pop songs half of the population of Nepal listen the lokdohori songs. Few years back the style of presentation of dohori songs used to be different but as the time changed it’s form of presenting got more advanced and has taken it into the new standard level.

Recently a new dohori item songs has been released on march 28,2016 named “Pani Ghailako”. The singer of this song is Gayatri Thapa and  Raju Sunam written and composed by Raju Sunam. The direction is given by Smriti Timilsina and produced by Shiva Darshan Films Pvt.Ltd. The models of this songs are wearing both cultural and modern outfits which shows the changing trend in the field of the lokdohori songs.

This song is made for the couples making them to remember about their love moments. The song is shooted in a peaceful place with a  good concept and a good effort of the singers. Today such lokdohori songs are taking the Nepali music industry at the another level of height leaving the remarkable positions.