International Media Claims: Mt Everest isn’t actually the tallest mountain but Ecuador’s Chimborazo is

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Mt. Everest is the world’s highest peak and it has been accepted by whole world.People from whole world dreams of climbing world’s highest peak Mt. Everest with great everest

But currently, different international medias are claiming that Mt. Everest is not the highest peak in the world including that all of those that have bravely climbed Mt Everest might have done so in vain. According to the report of some international medias, as the saying scientists, they weren’t climbing the world’s highest mountain after all

They claims that Chimborazo, in Ecuador beats the height of Mt. Everest. They adds that Chimborazo, in Ecuador is nearly 9,000m above sea level,which is thousands more than Mt. Everest.

They medias even have mentioned that Everest only wins when measured from sea level. But if instead you measure out from the center of the Earth, Chimborazo wins easily and Everest wouldn’t even get into the top 20 mountains.