Ek chin Garauna Ro^m@nce Short Movie

Nepali h*ot ro^m@nce short film Ek chin Garauna  is a ro^m@nce of a boy and a girl. They are close since long but have not seen each other since long time. Co-incidentally,  they meets each other on the middle of road.They have some conversation for some minutes and as they were asking to leave but later they decided to go together and they goes together. They didn’t find any where but finds a bush where they could hide and spend some time with each other.Than after reaching there they both started to have r*om@nce with each other. Boy pulled her towards him and both got emotional and they couldn’t control their emotions and they started to expose it on that same place where there might be the r!$k of other people.

They were flowing on their emotions without caring anyone or anything behind them. They were not fixed for future as well as they met after lots of time and there was nothing in between them but they get into physical relationship as one girlfriend boyfriend or husband and wife could have. This is such an unacceptable thing that you can see on this short film.