Be Aware! Your Email May H@ck

emailIf you are forwarding or receiving an email, then be alert. Your email may be h@ck by h@cker. Email h@ck is increasing day by day as it is being forceful medium of information exchange.

H@cker may track your important information from tracking tools without any notification to you. There are numerous email tracking tools, which aims to  h@ck secret information. Any email of any offices are reached upto h@cker with an ease, which are not well informed about this to company.

Thus,you may also going through this, so apply these techniques to avoid h@ck:

1. If you are a user of google extension, then there are many extensions. This browser will ease on information regarding the information related to send and receive of email.

2. Similarly, bananatag company also surveillance regarding this. It care the email you have send and received. If you have activate this track email feature, it will strictly surveillance your email.

3. If you use Gmail Many company thinks it is necessary to track an email. Because they have motive to expand their product to costumers as more as possible, due to which they wanted to propaganda their production through email. So, if you are using Gmail use Boomerang, which will track 10 email per months freely. By spending some money, you can secure your email on every computer.

4. You can freely use every feature of Chrome Browser Mail for 14 days. You can use this with Gmail Microsoft Outlook. This software is also a mailtrack software, which surveillance your email.

Be aware, if you are at office then never forward any message to an unknown person.Because this is the smartphone trend and doing this may leak your secret information of your company and you may be in difficult situation.