Bollywood celebrities strange fears

We all are afraid of something and so is our bollywood actors. So lets find out what are the fears of these bollywood  actors.


 Arjun Kapoor


This handsome hunk of bollywood is afraid of ceiling fans. Strange right! He doesnot have a single fan at his place.


 Anuska Sharma


This stunning actress is petrified with riding bikes. But we have seen her riding bikes in movies without any fear. Sources reveal that she lost her calm while riding in shooting time. However, like a thorough professional, Anushka has mastered her phobia quite a few times for movies and TVCs!

Shahrukh Khan


Badshah of bollywood is scared of horses. Well we have never seen him with horses in movies too.That makes sence.

Ajay Devgan


Golmal actor has very strange phobia and that is eating with hand.He always have food with spoon or forks.

Abhisekh Bachhan


Junior bachan is scared of fruits. As if that was not enough, Bachchan Jr publicly admitted to his hatred towards fruits (at a reality show) and added that he has NEVER eaten a fruit!


Sonam Kapoor


Fashionista Sonam kappor  has quite strange fear. ! The actress has a phobia of riding in elevators!

Ranbir Kapoor


This talented actor is afraid of cockroaches. Sharing his dread for spiders with Priyanka Chopra, the Kapoor scion cannot stand the sight of creepy crawlies.


Alia Bhatt


Bubbly actress of bollywood has the fear of darkness.Alia’s phobia of darkness is so overpowering that she sleeps with a dim light switched on and curtains slightly open!


Bidhya Balan


Show this versatile actress a cat and she’ll run for miles! The ooh la la girl of Bollywood, who has carried many a films on her shoulders, cannot handle her paranoia at the sight of cats!


Celina Jaitly


Celina Jaitly has had a weird phobia since she was 4 years old, revealed her mother once. The svelte actress is petrified of butterflies! In fact, a butterfly can set the panic button on for the actress so much so that she once almost fell off a cliff after running into a butterfly on the sets of ‘No Entry.