Best Features of the new Android N Software


Android is really taking  advantage of the larger screens, especially when it comes to multitasking. So it’s introduced the split screen setting to Nexus phones, which could be done by pressing and holding the task-switching button. Split screen is an option that was bragging itself exclusively on the Sasmsung S6 and higher, but is now finally available on Android N.

When you press the multitasking button, the slot cards are also much bigger than before so you can see more of what’s inside the app. And a sweet tweak is how the app you were using before goes all the way at the bottom, so you can easily start looking at other apps to switch to

Screenshot_20160519-092301.0 copy

The notifications bar are wider,and surely got itself a lift up in the design department. You can swipe down to extract more information from the notification. And although it’s still a bundle, you can manipulate content like archiving emails or messages all within the notifications bar.


Settings also have been a little revamp in terms of practicality and just saving your some clicks. Basic information about each settings tab is visible before you open the setting, which could be considered as time-saving.

Virtual Reality

Android N  is taking virtual reality advantage in tech. In fact, Google is in works of launching an entire new Android-powered platform called Daydream that succeeds its Cardboard initiative. You’ll need a Daydream-certified phone with the right kind of display and sensors, and they’ll work with a new VR mode in Android to improve performance inside headsets

Google has only revealed a reference design as for the headset design to give us a hint of how it will look like. Companies will be able to produce their own headsets that fit the Daydream standard, and Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel are all on board to make Daydream-compatible phones.

Keyboard Themes

Android N surely giving a very neat keyboard themes, but not necessarily be groundbreaking. It comes stacked with dozens of themes, which could be customize on phone and helps to make texting a lot more fun. If you’re the type to text a lot, then you are going to love it.

New Emoji

Emoji is going to updated by Google for Android N. It is giving its quirky blobs a more humorous appearance. The company is also proposing that the Unicode Consortium adopt 13 new emoji to better represent professional women in the universal character set.