Female Wrestling

Elena Pogosyan is a wrestler. A  female wrestler with a dream to f!ght hard and prove whole world that sh is strong enough to conquer world. She is inspiration for every single women that if a women can make it in a wrestling, then can make it anything in this world.  She is not only physically strong lady , but also much strong mentally to be a part of wrestling.

This video is all about her first journey in wrestling where her passion and love is hold.  This video is showing her entire journey in official wrestling world since a starting of training. According to this video, she took training  for four months and decided to  enter into the ring for her first wrestling match. A 23-year-old who stepped in New York for her  journalist  carrier developed the interest in the wrestling. Her soul got too much attracted to this sport. She was chased by the charm and life threatening sport wrestling.

So, enjoy the Elena, a female wrestler first match in the  ring against two opponents. And cheer her first winning her first step in the wrestling match.