Some Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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 Invest in a Kama Sutra book and learn some new moves

Believe in the relationship

 If there’s one position that you always do (like missionary) try to steer clear of that position.

 Teasing him will always get him going, and make him want you more.

 Bring some baby oil into the mix.

Try oral sex sometimes.

Sexy texts and calls.

 Set a more intimate mood, with dim lights and candles.

 Tell one another how you really feel about them.

 Make a “baby-making” playlist and let it play. Suggestion: Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On. You’re welcome.

 Mix it up, and change your pace every so often.

 For those adventurous types: there’s always anal sex as a mysterious alternative. Tip: Take it very gentle and slow, especially if it’s your first time

 Watch an adult video together and act out some of the moves on screen.

Take off on a sexy vacation now and then.

Read an erotic story together

 Be aggressive and don’t be afraid to take control in the bedroom.

 Try extending your foreplay.

 Experience the thrill of having sex with your partner in a public place or somewhere you shouldn’t be.

Create sexual memories.

 Talking dirty always helps bring you both along. Just don’t step over the line!

 There’s not a straight man alive who doesn’t lose his mind when he sees his girl in a new piece of lingerie.

 High heels are an under-utilized weapon in a girl’s sexual arsenal. They just make the ass, boobs and general posture of a woman look that much better.

 Go shopping for sex toys together – you never know what you might fancy.

Think beyond the bed.

Play a game of strip poker where both of you have to take off your clothes.

 Start foreplay early when you guys are out or at work, by sending some suggestive and erotic text messages or pictures.

Wear sexy outfits.

 Touching is important: rub your hands all over the other’s body while you begin foreplay.

 Compliment your partner on their body, appearance or skills in bed. Compliments always help heat up the situation.

 Take advantage of some natural aphrodisiacs: Grab some strawberries and whipped cream. I’ll say no more.

 Try mixing it up by wearing different flavoured, ribbed, more lubricated condoms.

 Change the setting: try the couch or the kitchen table as your new sexual location.

 Take a bath together or have shower sex.

Surprise each other sexually.

 Try using roleplay in the bedroom to freshen things up.

 Dressing up spontaneously will always give your sex life an added kick. Grab that slutty nurse’s outfit from last Halloween out of the closet.

 Ask about your partner’s fantasy and then surprise them by acting it out.

 Video record yourselves having sex and then watch it back. 

 Use oils and salts for naked massages before you initiate sex.

 Try phone sex if you’re away from each other and horny.

 Whisper a naughty story in your partner’s ear.

Create a game as a challenge.

 Masturbate in front of each other.

 Take care of both of you at the same time by using the 69 position.

 Give your man a lapdance. Trust me, it’s a dream of his to receive one from you.

 Spontaneous blowjobs, like when you’re on a road trip.

 Standing up sex can be mind-blowing. 

Be aggressive.

Have a chocolate and red wine night

 Give a sensual backrub to your partner before you two get down and dirty. You’ll both be aroused before you know it.

Make a bedroom rule

Have sex on a regular basis, not just once every week or so. Practice makes perfect!