Useful 10 Google applications


1. Google Translate Application:
This application is useful for tourists who are visiting new places because this application read any language which user input. It also give information about the picture in it known language and memory.

2. G-mailify:
This application helps to put all the application like Outlook, Yahoo, G-mail at a same box.

3. Google Scholar:
This is such type of application which give the information through books, articles and scientific inventions which is helpful for research students.

4. Google Keep:
The function of this application is making colorful notes which helps us to remember all the points about particular subject matter.

5. Google Timer:
Chrome gives alarm tone after finished the time interval set into Google timer.

6. Google Sky:
This application shows the space very clearly like of telescope. It helps to give latest information about space and new finding things in space.

7. Google Font:
The main function of this application is finding easily and fast any font which we needs.

8.Google Art project:
The main function of this application is giving latest and popular information about the art and picture of all over World. It is useful specially for art lovers.

9. Think with Google:
This application is useful for the information about the present condition of market and investigation done by groups in any subject matter .

10. Panoramio:
This application is useful for watching pictures of all over the World.