Chilim Chawat Full Nepali Movie

“Chilim Chawat” is a Nepali Movie directed by Arun K.c. and Hari Chandra Gura. This movie based on a story of a tourist who have come to Nepal for visit and his guide have been directed by Shyam Rai. Gopal Dhakal(Chande) and Niranjan Sigdel have unitedly Story, Screeenplay and Dialogue work. Subodh Shrestha is an editing man of this movie. Shyam Rai, Niranjan Sigdel, Gopal Dhakal, Resham firire,  This movie is trying to present a thoughts and believes of Nepalese and their behavior for guest that come to Nepal.

This movie starts with a tourist, who have come for Nepal for visiting. An unemployed guy sees that tourist and proposed him that he can be a guide for him. Tourist also accept his propose and goes with him. He takes him the special tourist area and cultural heritage for visit. Tourist becomes happy to be with him and he again goes to his guide village.

Guide never wants to show the bad aspects of his village and his people. He then says the fictional good things of his village and his village people. Tourist shares him that he wanted to get married with a Nepali girl with Nepali cultural and tradition. This thoughts of him flies all over the village.

And the people runs to make the wedding of their girl get married with that American guy so that they can also go to America. Finally, American guy meet a girl who is simple and beautiful and good enough for him. But, a girl don’t want to get married with that unknown tourist guy because there is already some man in her heart. Then, her boyfriend and his friend thinks of teaching a lesson to his guide, who was behind this marriage plan.

Guide gets lots of tor^ture and pun!$hment by boyfriend of a girl along her boyfriend’s friend. So, if you want to know further story of this movie that a girl gets married with an American guy or her love guy, watch out this full movie. This movie is worth watching at your leisure time.