Food that increase the Immunity Power

Eating 8 to 10 peanuts daily will increase the immunity power as well as this will provide the energy to fight with mental pressure. The vitamin-e on it will increase the natural cells on the body. This also k!lls the cancer cores. This increase the B type cells on the body which develops the antibodies which helps to k!ll the harmful bacteria of the body. The vitamin-e on the peanuts will make the skin healthy as well as prevents wrinkles.

This contains Vitamin-c which helps to develop the blood cells which helps to fight with other disease. This will not allow the virus to enter inside the body. This increases the cholesterol and controls the blood pressure. The chemical compound on it makes the immunity power active.

Garlic makes the antioxidant that strengthen the immune system. This contains silicon that provides the power to fight with infection and bacteria of the body. This also prevents from cancer and alsor. This strengthen the immunity system of the body.

This is considered as super food. This contains fol-late which helps to develop the new cells of the body. Similarly it contains fiber, iron, anti-oxidant elements and vitamin that make the body healthy. This also covers the constipation problem.

To increase the immunity power mushroom is very beneficial. This also activates the blood cells. This is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor. Eating 30 gram mushroom per day increases the immunity power.

It contains Glutathione which makes the immune power strong. Eating this as a salad provides the protein and calcium in the body.

New Tobacco Packaging Rules Come Into Force


Cigarettes in the UK are being sold in standardized green packaging with explicit images from today, under new rules designed to cut the number of smokers.It becomes the first country in the Europe to require cigarettes to be sold in plain standardized packaging.

Under the directive, pictures showing the harmful effects of smoking must cover 65% of the front and back of every packet of cigarettes, with extra warnings on the top of the pack.Packs containing 10 cigarettes will be prohibited under the ruling because the boxes are viewed too small to contain suitable health warnings.Packaging of hand-rolled tobacco must also be in the same green color and contain a minimum of 30g of tobacco.

Companies have a year to sell old stock and fully implement the changes under the directive.An estimated 700,000 premature deaths are caused each year and it is hoped the new rules will reduce the number of smokers across the EU by 2.4 million.

“Everyone knows the health risks of smoking and no one starts because of the packaging,” he said.”Plain packaging is a declaration of war on consumers because the aim is to de-normalise not just the product but also the millions of adults who enjoy smoking and don’t want to quit.”

Why Your Body Is AMAZING???

Every day, we see, breathe, touch, and feel. Body positivity is a growing concept that many people struggle with, regardless of gender, age or race. However, the human body is full of surprises and incredible processes that make up a person.

Actually yes it is full of surprises. The human body consists of seven octillion atoms, making up the 37 trillion cells in our body, which can regenerate themselves over time. When it comes to our sight, although we spend 10 percent of the day blinking, our eyes can actually distinguish between 2.3 to 7.5 million colors. In fact, studies have shown that after viewing 2,500 images for only three seconds, participants could recall if they had seen one of the images with 92 percent accuracy. This is contrary to the belief that long-term memory is not capable of storing images with detail.

When we put our hands together, we capture roughly the size of our heart as it beats 100,000/day, pumping 5.5 liters with each pulse, which is close to 3 million liters of blood every year. If a person were to live to 75, it would fill 90 Olympic size swimming pools.

Now, when the heart stops beating, human decomposition begins around four minutes after death. This process, known as self-digestion, occurs when our enzymes and bacteria eat us away. In fact, 3 to 5 pounds of your body is made up of bacteria. In comparison, in an unclean mouth alone, 100 million to one billion bacteria can grow on each tooth — with 32 teeth each, some of us have more bacteria in our mouth than there are people in the world.




Yeast infection leads to failure of first uterus transplant performed in US

The first ever uterus transplant in the United States was performed in February at a Cleveland Clinic but within few days of successful nine hour long surgery, the uterus had to be removed. a patient at the Cleveland Clinic suddenly developed a serious complication last month, and on March 8 the transplant had to be removed.

26-year-old Lindsey McFarland became the first patient in the United States to undergo a uterus transplant in February. The doctors at Cleveland Clinic transplanted the organ from a dead donor in a nine-hour-long operation.

“Preliminary results suggest that the complication was due to an infection caused by an organism that is commonly found in a woman’s reproductive system,” officials from the Cleveland Clinic said in a statement today. “The infection appears to have compromised the blood supply to the uterus, causing the need for its removal.”

The infection was caused by a fungus, a type of yeast called Candida albicans, two of the doctors who performed the surgery said in an interview. It is normally found in the vagina, living in balance with bacteria and other microbes. But illness or some medications can disrupt the balance, allowing for a problematic overgrowth of the yeasts.

“This was a serious complication, potentially life-threatening,” said Dr. Andreas G. Tzakis, a leader of the surgical team. He is director of solid organ transplant surgery at a Cleveland Clinic hospital in Weston, Fla.]


What Happens To Your Brain On No Sleep???

We human keep our mind busy everyday. Our brain  keeps on functioning everytime therefore it too needs some rest.

Bedtime is one of the most important parts of the day for the brain.The latest studies show that when we slumber, the brain performs important housekeeping tasks that clear away the debris of the day’s work and help reset and restore nerve networks so they are ready to operate again at full capacity when we wake.But a lack of sleep deprives the brain of this essential rest period, and our ability to get through the day might be compromised.


The most common sleep disorder, insomina has the strongest link to depression.Most people have experienced sallow skin and puffy eyes after a few nights of missed sleep. But it turns out that chronic sleep loss can lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes.

The less sleep leads to the risk of cancer too.It is also the reason for over gaining the weight.Lack of sleep can affect our interpretation of events. This hurts our ability to make sound judgments because we may not assess situations accurately and act on them wisely.

So to avoid these problems researcher’s suggest people to take a proper sleep to keep their brain active and free from any disorders.