Are you sitting too much? Read this

A new study has found out that sitting less might extend our life a little bit.

According to Brazilian researchers who did an analysis on 54 countries has linked 3.8 percent of death from all causes to sitting for more than 3 hours. They said that a person’s life expectancy may increase by 0.2 years if sitting is limited to less than three hours a day.

The report which appeared online in advance of the august print issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine considers too much sitting as a serious health threat. That is because even regular exercises might not be helpful in compensating the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

Regardless of moderate to vigorous physical activity, the effects of less time spent during sitting were estimated by the authors. Even a 10 percent reduction in sitting-for example, 30 less minutes spent on sitting per day can have an instant effect as said by the researchers.

These days there seems to be various reasons such as labor-saving devices, long commutes and homes in areas where there is lack of support for active lifestyles, which is equally contributing to too much sitting problem.

Though sitting is an essential part of human nature but excessive sitting has become very common in modern societies.