What Happens To Your Brain On No Sleep???

We human keep our mind busy everyday. Our brain  keeps on functioning everytime therefore it too needs some rest.

Bedtime is one of the most important parts of the day for the brain.The latest studies show that when we slumber, the brain performs important housekeeping tasks that clear away the debris of the day’s work and help reset and restore nerve networks so they are ready to operate again at full capacity when we wake.But a lack of sleep deprives the brain of this essential rest period, and our ability to get through the day might be compromised.


The most common sleep disorder, insomina has the strongest link to depression.Most people have experienced sallow skin and puffy eyes after a few nights of missed sleep. But it turns out that chronic sleep loss can lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes.

The less sleep leads to the risk of cancer too.It is also the reason for over gaining the weight.Lack of sleep can affect our interpretation of events. This hurts our ability to make sound judgments because we may not assess situations accurately and act on them wisely.

So to avoid these problems researcher’s suggest people to take a proper sleep to keep their brain active and free from any disorders.