Problems Invited By High Heels

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

High heels  are the  fashion trend for women. Wearing high heels will give a classy ad smart look  but many of the women are not aware about the effects of those high heels on health.  Lately, even children are wearing  high heels . Wearing high heels as a child can affect the spine and heels in adulthood. You will start to notice impacts of high heels when body starts to get unbalanced.heels

At the beginning feet start to swell and after few years legs starts to hurt regularly, and cause other problems of nerves and back pain. Women who wear high heels regularly have a disfigured foot.

100 of women get in an accident because of high heels and many even get admitted to hospitals. In a research it was found that 1/3 of women who wear high heels regularly have problem of swollen toes and also have permanent problems in the nerves.
According to another research 1 out of 10 women wear high heels 3 days in a week. Among them 1/3 of them fall down or get into an accident because of high heels. Body below waist gets bent forward while wearing high heels. For balancing it the position of spine needs to be changed by time. This creates a pressure in the nerves of back. There is high risk of getting a disease called Sciatica because of it.