Hunting Mad Honey Documentary

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

This video is a documentary based on Honey hunting by Nepalese people. This documentary have been presented by Raphael Treza with wild hunting of the honey bee. Most of the people in village of Nepal build a home for honeybees nearby their home.

They construct a place for a bee so that various kinds of honey would come and lives there. Honey bee collects and brings the juice from the varieties of flowers and plants and store them in a place where they have been living. Honey is considered as a best medicine since a history. The taste is also good with lots of health benefits. So, many Nepalese owes the farm of honey on their own home.

This video is a tribute to those hunter who dares to hunt the mad honey with great r!$k of their life. This video shows how Nepalese honey hunter hunt the mad honeybee. Honey bee are d@ngero*us as they @tt@cks human beings. Thus, this video will show a r!$ky journey of honey hunting in an interesting way.