Rs. 25000 Short Se^^xy Movie

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Rs. 25000 is a fictional  short movie with a tale of a girl and her friend. This film flows with a girl waiting a vehicle on her way. She is getting too much !rr!t@ted as no vehicle is not in coming  and those which are in her way is filled with passengers. A boy came in the mean time and stopped near her.

They found that both of them were friends since long. They started to talk there and the boy after knowing the problem of the girl told that he will drop her where she will be going. The girl agree and sits on that bike and as they were going they decides to talk and spend some time together so for that they went to cafeteria.

They talked their for a while and the boy asked her to go somewhere with him and spend some quality time as both of them are free but the girl denied the boy. She denied for long and at the end he told her that he will give him 25 thousand if she is ready to go with her and the girl for the money goes with her and they had the r*om@nce there.