Jennifer Aniston:Five Fun Facts

  1. In high school, Jennifer Aniston rockeda mini Mohawk, just above my ears, and lots of liquid eyeliner,” she told PEOPLE in 1997.

42. Before she had the most famous hair in showbiz, Jennifer Aniston kept a tiny pair of scissors in the glove compartment of her car to cut split ends.

33. At the 1998 premiere of Brad Pitt’s Meet Joe Black, Jennifer Aniston and her then-unconfirmed love interest set the Hollywood red carpet trend of arriving in separate limos to avoid being photographed together.

14. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have a sweet tooth. “That always drove Matthew Perry crazy,”she told PEOPLE. “I could have one M&M.”

25. Jennifer Aniston messed up the bouquet toss at her wedding to Brad Pitt On the first attempt, her flowers bounced off a hanging lamp and back into her hands.