Sade Goru by Jyoti Magar

The h0t and se*xy Jyoti Magar has come back with new entertaining folk song “Sade Goru”. The song is full of se*xy and beautiful act of Jyoti with Mahadev tripathi.

The sweet voice of this song is belonging to Shreedevi Devkota and Prakash Katuwal. The lyric is given by Binod Dhakal and the song is beautifully composed by Prakash Katuwal. Similarly, the right for this video is provided by Smriti Music Pvt. Ltd.

While taking about this song, Jyoti Magar has given vulgar performance in this music video. She shows her se*xiness which attract to the various guy. In this video, Jyoti is slightly hited by Tripathi’s car on the road and then she get angry with the boy and act like Sade Goru with him. But the boy tries to make her happy by saying sorry with her.

The song is very romantic and makes us entertain.