Toilet Vitra Ko Masti New Nepali Short Movie

Toiet Bhitra ko Masti new short movie has been uploaded on YouTube. It is a very h!l@rious and hot short movie. In the short movie 2 girls and 2 guys are playing a singing game. They are having a lot of fun. They are singing and competing. But later a girl stands up and goes inside the bath room. A guy also follows her.

The girl takes a lot of time in the bath room. But the guy on the other hands waits outside desperately because he needs to go to the toilet too. After a few minutes the girl comes out of the bathroom and the guy instantly gets di$tracted. Instead of going to the bathroom, he starts to talk to her. The talking later changes in fl!rting and they end up going to the bathroom together. Not only that they end up having inte*rcour$e. But the other girl also goes to the bathroom and looks at every thing they do from the outside.