Why Did You Hurt Me Quotes

Hurting someone is very easy, but when you yourself are hurt you then know the agony on being hurt and crushed into pieces.

You promised that you would never hurt me. Some of them are quite good at breaking promises.

Every time I see you I act like I don’t care like I’m over you. I tell myself that I hate you but deep inside I know that I love you and every time I see you I fall for you.

May be you are not smiling, May be you are not as sad as me, May be you are stronger, May be you are feeling happy, May be you have moved on, May be you have a better life with some other, but my heart has never said bye…I love you.

I don’t have everything, as a matter of fact I don’t want anything except a dream of better day and you too help me find my way. I am sure I made mistakes. I wish you knew how much I cared you. You would see my love is true by the life we share. Even if you changed your mind I still love you.

My tears dried and my heart died but I still love you.