Avatars of Lord Shiva  


shivaLord Shiva is considered as supreme God in hindu mythology and is worhipped throughout Nepal and India.We all are familiar with das avatar of Lord Bishnu but very few know about the avatar of lord Shiva.The main motive of avatar is to destry the evilness and kill the demon in ordwe to protect innocent people of Earth.There  are 19 incarnation of Lord Shiva, however we here present 10 avatars of Him.


The 10 incarnations or avatar of Lord Shiva are as follow:


Piplaad Avatar:

pipladPiplaad avatar is the avatar which helps people to get free of shani dosh before 16 years old.It is believed that woshpping Lord Shiva helps people to get rid of shani dosh.





Nandi Avatar


In this form he is said to be in bull faced with a body much like his hallowed shiva but with four hands.There are some temples which are exclusively built for Shiva.






Veervadra Avatar



This avatar was formed when he was in deep grive due to the demise of Sati his wife.He is believed to be a destroyer and  he was dark as a clould with three eyes and wore garland of skill and carried dangerous weapon.






This avatar is also known as kaal bhairab and it is the fierce manifestation of lord  shiva associated in annihilation.







It is avatar of lord shiva who was born during mahabharat period as a son of  Dronacharya.






It is avatar in which shiva appears to be half lion and half bird who has a eight leg and is mighter than lion and elephant.This form is trolled to usher good luck and kill all the enemies.





Vishwanar was a Brahmin who wanted a son just like shiva and he devoted hs whole life to worship shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased and hence was born as Gripati.





He had taken this avatar to maintain discipline in universe.






Lord shiva had taken this incarnation in ramayan period to help Lord Ram.







This avatar was taken to kill the demon from patal lok who were the sons of Lord Bishnu.