Is Girl’s Virginity is really matter for boys?


“Sex is a learning experience for everyone, and if you both approach it as virgins, it’s even more special because you’re learning together! Sex is also NOT the most important thing in a marriage, though it’s a wonderful perk.” —Lesa Brackbill

As we know that a virgin was a sign of purity and its gift of nature and all things angelic, and men were proud to have virgin wives. While it still happens in some cultures, where women are even stoned to death for “not being a virgin before marriage”.When you’re a teen, you’re not gonna fully understand everything, and you’re gonna make less informed decisions that what is right and what is wrong?

Virginity is quite an interesting topic. Sometimes good people look for good partners and the true love relationship is a mutual commitment that goes beyond physical issues. Virginity is a personal matter that how people feel about it varies from person to person.
The first thing you should consider is the culture and background that you are from. If you belong to a conservative family, and you are conservative yourself .you are a virgin, and do not believe in pre-marital sex), then it is better that you do not proceed with the relationship. This thing will keep haunting you throughout the initial years of your marriage.
However, if you are not a virgin yourself, you have no right to expect your partner to be a virgin.



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