Kera Katera New Teej Song

Jyoti Magar Official Website   Jyoti Magar is a Nepali folk (lok dohori) singer, model, and an actress.

She started her professional musical career in 2006 and since then, she has given a number of hit albums.Jyoti has been criticized by some media outlets and Nepali social media users for her provocative and glamorous way of dressing and dancing.

Her latest song Kera Katera has brought sensation in Nepal. Well it Is the new Teej Song and viewers find this song quite in appropriate for Nepal context.


It is reported that while watching song Kera Katera almost thirteen people were fainted.

Most of them were youngsters and some were old people. When they listen the song they all were shivering and most of them were numb. Many people from the village area are badly criticizing her song and hence it is not liked by every people.

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