Unknown Facts About Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari. You hear these two words and all things cute and charming start coming to your mind. Right from her first film as the leading lady, we have only loved her. Keki is a true diva, who is so confident in her skin that many of us too want to be like her. She deserves to be the nation’s heartthrob that is.
Here’s taking a look at some interesting facts about the gorgeous girl!
She is a passionate foodie.


Her first salary was Rs.200.

That Keki is actually an introvert in real life.

Her all-time favorite cartoon show is Tom and Jerry.

Her favorite place in Nepal are the Pokhara and Mustang.

When asked if she’d prefer a love match or an arranged marriage, she believes in love that’s arranged well.

The secret to her happiness is “work work work”.



She has completed her Bachelors Degree in Business administration.

That bubbly aura may speak otherwise, but the actress is a self-professed introvert as a person.

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