Three superstar of Nepal in One Movie Khalnayak

“Khalnayak” New Nepali Movie

Khalnayak is a super hit movie and it was released in theater 19 May, 2008. The action movie, ‘Khalnayak’ features two action superstars of Nepali film industry Nikhil Upreti and Biraj Bhatt with actress Jharana Thapa.

The Director of the movie is Rishi Neupane.

The story, screenplay, dialogue, producer of this movie is maunata Shrestha and the producer of this movie is Roj Rana.  “Khalyanak” is presented by. The actor Nikhil Upreti and Biraj Bhatta is leading main role in this movie.

Star Cast of “Khalnayak

The starring of this movie are Rajesh Hamal,   Nikhil Upreti,   Biraj Bhatta,   Roj Rana,   Jharana Thapa,  Pushkar Bhatta,   Madan Bahadur Basnet,   Pradip Niraula. The Khalyank is action and super hit Movie. Beautiful actress Jharana Thapa is featuring awesome act in the movie.

As well we all know about Nikhil Upreti and he is famous in Nepali movie industry by giving us numerous movies which make us very entertaining. He acts best in every Nepali movie. Recently his Bhairav movie has been released and he is become very popular. And now his Khalyanak movie is came with full of entertainment and action.

Biraj bhatta is also very famous actor in Nepali movie industry. He also did several movies which is uncountable as most of the movie he’s worked in falls under the category of action films.  Biraj Bhatta featured Nepali as well different Bhojpuri Movie and then he got many successes in his life. Biraj bhatta is well-known actor by everybody.

Rajesh Hamal is known as hero in the Nepali movie industry. He featured several type movies like action, romantic etc. Rajesh Hamal is very popular actor and everybody knows his name Rajesh Hamal as a hero of nepal.

Jharana Thapa is Glorgious actress in the Nepali Movie industry as well she is very beauty in naturally. She also features various movies which is very awesome and romantic. She gives her best in every movie by doing awesome act.

Rishi Neupane is also Well Known Nepali Director in Nepali film industry.

My Review

Talking about this movie, Nikhil and Jharana they both fall in love. At the same time villain enters in the story. Biraj bhatta acts as a villain in first part because he too likes Jharana. So Nikhil is also seen in negative role due to Biraj. At the end Biraj dies. The superstar Rajesh Hamal is also featured as a guest role in this movie.

The tittle itself “Khalnayak” is negative hero but in this story Nikhil, Biraj and Rajesh Hamal, they all are positive in their own aspect. So, to know more about this story you must watch and give feedback and comment on my review.

The Credit of this movie goes to the  Bd Channel Pvt Ltd.

Sona Thapa