Chari’s Girlfriend Marries UK citizen

Khusbu Oli is a Nepali model and a social worker, living half of her time in Nepal and half in the UK.Khusbu came to media limelight after winning the Miss Teen competition in 2006 and after the death of Nepali don Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ in 2014. Khusbu also runs a shelter home for street children in Kathmandu.



In March 2016, Khusbu got married to a London based non-Nepali resident entrepreneur who is Santosh Karki.Khusbu and Chari were in relationship since a very long time. Dinesh Adhikari ” Chari” was killed in a police encounter last year, after his death Khusbu was seen in the media seeking for Dinesh’s death justice and she was demanding Justice for Dinesh Adhikari Death but after an year of his death, she got married with Santosh Karki. Her newly married husband is from United Kingdom and also she is staying at United Kingdom. According to the report, Prime Minister KP Oli has also attended the marriage event of Khusbu Oli.