K!#$$ Le Matayo ft. Jyoti Magar

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Jyoti Magar is dealing with a great problem these days. She have messed up with the issue of her K!$$. She is not being able to move from her k!$$.Thus, this is the flow of her latest music video song K!$$ Le Matayo. She have appeared in this music video as always in gl@mor and se$$xy way.

Surbir Pandit and Laxman Chaulagain are also starred in this music video song along with ho))t model Jyoti. Hom Dhital have directed the music video of the song with lots of fun and entertainment.

Raskoti Magar and Puja Magar have given the voice to this very bold song. Prem Lamichhane Magar have written the lyrics of the song and the music also have been done by himself.

The outcome of the music video and song is running with lots of entertainment and fun presenting the problems and trend going in our society.