About The Movie

Takkar Dui Mutuko  is a 2005 nepali romantic musical film directed by Rishi Neupane and produced by Roj Rana. It  features the talented actors like Roj Rana, Arjun Karki, Saujanya Subba,Ramchandra Adhikari,Pradip Niraula and so on. in the lead roles.


Takkar dui mutuko  is like a well-choreographed tango where every character plays a role on more than one level. Takkar Dui Mutuko would certainly prove an excellent entertainer.It  is a great product overall. This film is more focused on the personal issues between the heroes trying to win over their common love interest – Saujanya Subba, who plays a budding actress in the movie.

It is a beautiful presentation of Sophiya Cine Arts.The director has take full advantage of it using the talent that they have displayed with their good products in the past. The direction of the thriller is almost perfect, with glitches more easily overlooked.It’s a different film with great music that takes into consideration the right recipe for success.

It is the most watched Nepali movie and it is much appreciated by audiences as well as by critic in Nepali film fraternity.It is a romantic drama movie The songs of these movies are super hit chat busters and much loved by youth especially.

All the sequences that occur after this are exciting and interesting.


It is a triangular love story. The story revolves around two best friends who falls in love with same lady. Roj Rana has played the character of a Raj who belongs to the middle class family and who has deceived in love.Roj Rana shows a great deal of understanding of his character and does a great job as well.

Saujanya has played character of beautiful women named Sunena who becomes the victim of mischievous act of Raj. She carries off her role very well as a character-defined heroine.

Arjun Karki has played a decent character named Prince who is passionately in love with with Sunena and loves her truely. He is definitely the surprise element of the film. As a man with an attitude, he has given a splendid performance.There are several twists and turn in the story and has several emotional ups and downs.

My Review:

Though the story was old,yet the way of presentation was new. That’s why it attracted viewers a lot. The story of the movie is simple.It is an good  film with dialogues and performances as its big plus points and is a well made film that has some powerful emotional sequences as its ace.

Love stories are the flavour of the season and here’s another one to make you go ah!

On the whole,Takkar Dui Mutuko  has a fresh cast, a riveting script, the grandiose look and several thrilling moments to take you on a joyride for the next three hours. The film has all it takes to appeal to an avid cine goer who’s thirsting for wholesome entertainment.It has certainly given in his share of decent performances.


Ma Ta Timrai Hoon Title Song

Actor Anmol KC and his mother Susmita KC produced movie “K Ma Timarai Hoon” have released their title song. Sushmita KC have back in production of movie after 7 years gap with her hit production of movie like; Karodpati, Nepali Babu, Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu.

Sushmita stay away from Film industry for some time period as she went through some family dispute with actor Bhuwan KC. She have stated that she would continue her acting and production with the release of “K Ma Timarai Hoon”.

Released title song “K Ma Timarai Hoon” got the lyrics of Hercules Basnet along with music. Nikhita Thapa have given the voice to this title song by making a duet to Hercules Basnet.

Love Story theme this song have been shooted in Palpa Durbar, Chitwan, Makwanpurgadi and many more attractive spot. This title song have been choreograph by Kabiraj Gahatraj. Aakash Shrestha and Jyotsna Yogi are starred in this movie.

Anmol KC banner this movie have been directed by Shreeram Mahat. Besides Aakahs and Jyotsana in movie, Susmita KC, Susil Kafle, Jiwan Bhattrai, Anupam Shrestha, Susan Khadka can be seen in lead role.

Saurav Lama is a cinematographer, HImal KC is in action and Banish Shah & Milan Shrestha are in editing for the movie. Shuvash Thapa co-produced this movie have the story of Sushmita K.C.