Abhishek in trouble due to his Flop career


Namastenp, Kathmandu, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachan expressed his dissatisfaction of not getting any movie. This topic is highlighted in the media rapidly and he shared his problem about his flop career. He has already featured some movie but his movies are unable to get good rank in the market.

No one actor wants to express own dissatisfaction in the publicity but Abhishek is honestly express his sadness in the mass media in many times.

In 2000 AD, he started his career from the movie “Refuge” and he said that in one interview that unsuccessful is very much important for the people to get success and it teach many good lesson for us but he is not limited on this so, he shared his unhappiness that he is not getting any best movie to feature in a leading role.

He miserably said that “After my film get ineffective nobody are trusting at me and nowadays nobody can pick up my phone”. So he honestly expressed his sad feeling of flop career.