“TIMRAI YADMA” by Janak Bibash Neupane


Namaste Nepal Reports Kathmandu, May 22nd  2016,

The new heart touching video song has been released now in the market. It is beautifully presented song having the Natural Scenario of our country. Janak Bibash Neupane has again given his husky voice in “TIMRAI YADMA” song.

A beautifully composed heart touching story of love presented which is debut official music video by Janak Bibash Neupane. A well talented Bibash neupane itself given his husky voice and also given his own music and lyrics. Introducing the glamour lady, Kristina Thapa has featuring in this music video with handsome model Sanam Kathayat.

About this music video, it says a lot of painful story about the guy who loves blindly for a beautiful girl. In first, they both are in the deep relationship. Later, the girl turned towards another guy and she never understands his pure love. In this song, the guy express his every sadness and he cried by remembering the time spending with the girl. At last girl realize her mistake and miss his first love.

This song is sentimental and can touch the heart of every audience.