Find your Love Horoscope of July Month


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The zodiac sign Aries, which opens the celestial zodiac cycle in July of 2016, will find itself in a difficult situation. The thing is that the middle of the second decade of the month will become a turning point for the representatives of this sign, literally in every aspect of their life. The zodiac sign Aries in June of 2016 may feel somewhat insecure, especially during the first decade and until the middle of the second one. But take it easy, this is just a temporary condition, which by no means should throw you off balance. If you break down and show weakness, your opponents will immediately notice it and you will be in a difficult situation.

Your “love life” in July of 2016 will hardly surprise you in any way. By the middle of the month the key astronomical influences being exerted on your zodiac sign will form a fairly strong, positive vector, which will result in a radical change in your perception of the world. Perhaps everything will go rather smoothly, without fundamental discoveries, loud sighs and fatal confessions. Be especially considerate in relation to your “significant other.” Watch your words in the literal sense of this phrase. You are unlikely to offend anyone, but your words might have a strong impact on someone you love, and, alas, this impact will be far from positive. Someone, perhaps, will receive an incentive, an implicit proof of loyalty to their own views and beliefs, which could objectively lead to the most tragic finale. Pay special attention not only to your own children, but also to all your nephews and nieces. Shower them with your care and attention; show them that any issue tends to have several angles and points of view. At the same time, do not forget about yourself. Do not rush to radically change your personality, but if you feel the need for at least some alterations, surely proceed in the required direction.



In July of 2016 the Moon, which traditionally serves as the planet-exaltation of this sign, will be seriously enhanced due to its planetary position? As a result, you will definitely won’t experience problems with your vitality, which will be a huge bonus. In July of 2016 people born under the sign Taurus will feel some sort of pressure, not only from abstract circumstances but also from definitive personalities.

The “love life” in July of 2016 will hardly bring any exceptional events to the life of Taurus. Overall, this side of life for the representatives of this sign will be sufficiently stable, but, perhaps, the key events will seem overly “feeble”, which will be far from meeting your expectations. And as has already been mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’ll be the fault of your previously committed actions. It is not difficult to guess that in order to remedy the situation you must thoroughly delve into your past, find out the “root of the evil” and swiftly eliminate as much of it as possible. In relations with your significant other, try to abstain from constantly taking on the role of the leader, perhaps, at some point it’s actually worth it to share the throne? But, of course, equality is out of the question, because it has been proven a long time ago that it is outright nonsense.


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The zodiac sign Gemini, the leading sign of the air trine, in July of 2016 will go through a rather challenging life situation. The fact is that in the summer we usually crave for rest and relaxation and our working pace slows down on its own, although, of course, there are individual aspects that depend on the area of our activity.

Our love life has a lot to do with communication this month — and that’s just fine by you! In fact, as a Gemini, the one surefire way to turn you on is through mental stimulation. Happily this July, the universe will be all too happy to oblige. On July 12, Venus will enter your message sector, followed by Mercury on July 13. Since the planets ruling love and the mind will be in romantic Leo, you can be sure that your conversational style will become more playful and flirtier than ever.




Bright and cheerful Cancers in July of 2016 will definitely get a couple of “bumps and bruises”, but only for educational purposes. The fact is that at the heat peak of the summer season, your current ruler, the Moon, will be repeatedly reinforced due to its planetary position and combinations with other celestial bodies of the solar system.

The “love life” in July of 2016 will bring Cancers a lot of really interesting things, and what is as important, a whole bunch of new emotions! However, it would be wrong to plan a vacation for this month, even a short one, be it a break or timeout. It would be better to try to achieve as much as possible in already established directions, because the star constellations suggest that if you sincerely crave for getting the attention of a person who you have feelings for, then now it’s the right time to go on the offensive. And don’t get discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. Everything will be amusing and constructive, don’t worry. Ultimately, you can come to such a culmination that you haven’t dreamed of. In relationships with your loved ones, try to be as neutral as possible; don’t get involved in any conflicts, even if someone purposefully tries to draw you into them. Be vigilant and do not lose your own point of view that could easily be crushed by the avalanche of third-party opinions. Be especially considerate and kind to your friends; now they’ll need you more than ever and your help is very likely to become vital for them.



For Leos, July of 2016 is unlikely to be a fundamental stage. The dynamics of the current cycle will be sufficiently stable and maybe even a little reduced due to the fact that Pluto, the exaltation of the sign Leo, due to its planetary position will not be able to serve its function. As a result, this month you may face some problems related to the availability of the necessary amounts of energy.

The same applies to your “love life”, which in July of 2016 doesn’t experience any really important events. Therefore, starting from the very first days of the month you should tune into peace and tranquility. Do not let anyone upset your mood, even when it comes to your loved ones. Now it is important to just sit down and reflect. Reflect on everything in general and, in particular, on your personal feelings. If you are single, then it’s unlikely that the situation will change in the near future; however, you need to spend this time wisely, to reevaluate your life, your behavior and your priorities. Supposing you have a sweetheart, who regularly “bites” you, then try to ensure that her emotional and energetic state is in harmony with yours. How exactly you can do it is a rather individual issue. It is crucial that you succeed in this direction by the middle of the second decade; otherwise, it will be too late. It’ll be logical to spend the rest of the time on the joint identification of relevant problems and finding solutions that would satisfy both of you.



Virgo, the representative of the mutable cross of the earth trine, in July of 2016 will go through a peaceful and harmonious stage of life, devoid of any fundamental and really important events. This means that you shouldn’t take too close to heart the negative events that are happening to you, because they are likely to prove to be different from what you’ve imagined.

Your “love life” in July of 2016 will turn out to be a little more interesting than the working direction. Here you will also feel quite relaxed and harmonious, but some most unexpected situations can happen with your significant other. That is, not personally with him or her, but between the two of you, though on their initiative. Do not be angry with your soul mate, if they suddenly start to “make no sense” and try (does not matter whether on purpose or not) to heat up the conflict rather than resolve it. Now they clearly cannot think straight and your task is to explain this to them using your toes, or your geometrical knowledge, or an example with integrals, whatever method suits you best. In this case, the result is much more important than the process, because if you don’t work things out by the end of the first decade, you’ll find yourself in a rather difficult emotional state at the end of the month and will be doomed to fail at achieving your goals. Therefore, you’ll have to try a little bit harder, although no superhuman powers will be required from you. Most importantly, bear in mind that each person is very unique. Hence, this is the root of all our problems. Not only interpersonal.



Libras in July of 2016 will find themselves in a situation which will be most harmonious with their standard emotional state. The thing is that Saturn, the exaltation planet of this sign, responsible for the flourishing of its vitality, will, roughly speaking, change sides. The situation is, to put it mildly, not the easiest one, but most importantly, can be fraught with various problems.

Expect to have plenty of fun with friends and your sweetheart in the second half of July. After July 12, Venus will move into the area of your chart connected to your social life. As a result, you’ll genuinely enjoy spending time in group situations.You’ll also have more of an opportunity to attend parties and other functions that allow you to meet someone new if you are single. A friend might offer to set you up on a date with someone and if so, you should accept. It looks promising!



The zodiac sign Scorpio in July of 2016 won’t feel at ease, especially in their “personal life.” The situation will be out of the ordinary, because the position of Venus, responsible for the “expulsion” of the sign Scorpio, will be repeatedly strengthened and drastically reinforced.

Your “love life” won’t bring you any significant events, even though in July of 2016 the Moon, as has been mentioned above, will side with Scorpios; the younger sister of the lord of the vault of heaven, which is traditionally considered the patroness of emotions and secret desires. This hint isn’t ambiguous at all, is it? This is good, because in the coming month you will be required to show all the straightforwardness that you’re capable of! Under no circumstances allow yourself to get engaged in backroom intrigues and intricacies; all this should always be below your dignity and be dismissed at a very early stage. It is important to retain your original beliefs. Do not let your friends and family change your own views; it’ll be better to go on the offensive and try to plant at least a shred of doubt into their minds. Fight for your ideals, but peacefully and quietly, especially in the family circle, where you surely have no enemies.


Sagittarius, the representative of the mutable cross of the fire trine, in July of 2016 will fall into a rather challenging life situation, which will be preconditioned in the first place by the position of Venus.

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, the first half of the month will have you focused on joint financial matters. You and your mate might be ready to pull the trigger on an investment opportunity you have quietly been researching. If so, it’s likely to be quite lucrative. Pay attention to special news about this venture near July 6. After July 12, you and your partner might be ready to work on the spiritual dimension of your union. If you’re single, you could meet someone while traveling.



Those with the zodiac sign Capricorn in July of 2016 will be lucky enough to experience an exceptionally peaceful and harmonious time. On the one hand, none of large-scale problems or situations that could radically change the course of your life are expected at this stage.

The “love life” in July of 2016 for people born under the sign of Capricorn will be as calm and peaceful as their financial world. You should pay particular attention to your significant other and avoid overreacting whey they share with you another “crazy” idea of theirs. Perhaps not everything that you don’t accept in your environment is actually devoid of common sense. Besides, common sense sometimes turns out to be a fairly unstable and even illusory notion. As Balzac once said: “Do you think love has anything to do with reason?” The same is true about you, because most of the time you’re partially guided by your feelings and experiences, rather than rationalist tendencies. Be sympathetic and considerate, but do not go to extremes, because this path can easily turn you into a spineless servant of other people’s emotions. And this is not a joke, so do not forget to reflect on your actions.



Aquarius in July of 2016 will have to go through a rough patch, but the stars have no doubts that the members of this zodiacal sign will gracefully withstand the upcoming trials and tribulations.

The “love life”, as has been stated earlier, in July of 2016 may be subject to not the most positive impact from Mars, a violent red warrior, the main “aggressor” of the solar system. This moment is unlikely to be fundamental for Aquarius, and in fact the probability is so low that it will even startle them. However, if another “quirk” of your sweetheart, as they say, will knock you off track, this will mean that in reality you weren’t very considerate of your personal issues and this outcome is quite natural. For a quick and successful resolution of the pressing problems the stars recommend focusing on self-analysis. Think carefully about what you’re doing wrong, what features of your character have recently undergone really significant changes, and whether it was to your advantage. In relationships with your loved ones, try to be more objective and stop judging everyone from your ivory tower.



In July of 2016 representatives of the zodiacal sign Pisces can count on total solar support, which, however, won’t be dominant during the current stage of life. The Sun, your “heavenly leader” in July will act as your total defender and will give you some support.

July 4 will bring fireworks for the celebration of Independence Day in the US, but it might just as easily bring fireworks to your love life. A gorgeous New Moon will fall in your romance sector on that day, bringing with it a magnificent 2- week opportunity to meet someone new and fall head over heels in love.Venus will also be in the same area of your chart until July 12, fortifying the romantic potential even more. If you’re already attached you can expect absolute fulfillment in the connection you have with your sweetheart.