Types Of Boyfriend That Every Girl Will Have

1 Rehearsal Boyfriend
Rehearsal boyfriend is the first boyfriend for every girl and most probably  the reason to start  thinking about the other gender.This type of boyfriend would give butterflies in her tummy and make realize that boys are an interesting thing for every single girls. He would be an awkward dates together to the park or the movies. It didn’t work out of-course, but in case it did and she is married now.

2 First Love
Despite of the fact that he wasn’t a first boyfriend,but everything with him felt new again. She was fascinated about each other with a heartbeat changed when he was near her. She could spend an eternity together and not get bored at all. She wanted him to meet her family and friends and most crazily could have shouted ‘I Love You’ from the rooftops. However,there’s a high possibility that things didn’t work out, but he’ll always have that special place in her heart.

3 Bad Boy
Every girl would have that type of boyfriend in her life,with whom she was warned by  parents and her friends hated him much.But still,she was too blind to see past the $ex!ne$$ and the attitude. However, after a while, she realize how bad of a person he is, how much he makes her cry, how ho#rr!bly he treats her. And then she realize that he’s not worth it and she regret having fought for him. Eventually, she close her legs and she move on.

4 Safe Guy
There would a type of boyfriend in every girl’s life that he has always been there for them. He helps her in school, he listens to her rambling about how her BFF is ruining their life, he’s there when her boyfriend is ignoring them, and he’s definitely in love with them. However, she probably don’t love him back because that’s how life is but she give it a try. Sometimes it works but most of the time it just doesn’t, she simply can’t connect with him on that level.

5 The One That Got Away
Whether he is the first love or not, she was definitely deeply in love with him. Everything was working out fine with him. She went on dates, they got to know each other’s circles, she made sweet sweet love, she have seen his bad traits and loved him anyway and it all felt like perfection.However, life happened and everything got messed up. One of them either had to change schools or move to the other side of the planet, or they might have met them in the process. Things eventually fall apart and she go her separate ways, but she’ll always love that person and low key hope she still find her way to each other.

6 The Lesson
Each of the girls have learned the hard ones about love and relationships with this type of boyfriend. She have had some good times with him, but there were also the bad. He might have cheated(or she might have), she found out he has some things that she just couldn’t handle, or she have hurt each other in some way. Whatever happened, she have learned a couple of lessons, she came out of it strong and she will never mention him again.

7 The One
‘The One’ is the boyfriend she can rely on. He’s there through the good and the bad. She love and respect each other deeply, and she can’t help but think about how she want to spend the rest of her life with him . She’ll meet a lot of guys who are ‘The One’, and if she is lucky enough to work it out with one of them, then she have got herself a beautiful relationship ahead.