Signs that a man’s ready for marriage

Relationship can be confusing some time. You will not be able to read your partner’s mind.You want to get married and settle down desperately but don’t know what is going on inside the head of your dearest partner. Well you have found solution to your dilemmThere is a way you can tell if marriage is on his mind or not, if he thinks you are his future wife or not: by taking hints from his actions.

Here are four hints that a man has present-day potential to become a mate for life:

He starts to build a habit of saving for better future.

He says “we” rather than i or me.

He tries to be friends with married men and learns to be more responsible.

He plans a vacation together.

He tries to sort out differences.

He tries a lot to make you happy.

He also plans to invest in your future.

He can’t get enough of you

He introduces you to everyone he knows

He takes you to meet his parents.

He starts to look for good houses.

He talks about childrens.

He is really open about his feelings.

He’s extra attentive to your conversations.

He starts to make future plans.

He invites you to his house.

There is extra romance in the air.

He makes effort to understand your problems.

He misses you lot when you are not around.

He is not interested in other girls.

He wants to live together.

He doesnot run away during hard times.

He wants to meet your family too.



Reasons to get married

Are you wondering if you really ever have to get married? Marriages were supposed to be made in heaven.
With marriages come a string of responsibilities, arguments and real life issues.And there’s something about a marriage that makes everything so much more serious.It’s like you have to be a whole new person overnight.But at the same time, marriages do have their own share of good times too.

Here are few reasons to get married:


#1 A big commitment. There’s no bigger proof of love than asking your lover for their hand in marriage. Don’t look at marriage as a lock without a key. Look at it as the highest commitment you can give to the one you love to prove your love for them. 1111

#2 Sharing your life with someone. As humans, we’ve evolved to be social creatures that need attention. Living life as a single forever may sound appealing, but at some point, all of us feel the need to be watched by someone else, and have someone else to share our happy and sad moments.8

#3 You’ve enjoyed your single life. Do you remember how your teen years and your single years were? You’ve partied and had your share of fun, almost until those one night stands and meaningless flings make no sense to you anymore. At this point, your mind’s telling you that you’ve changed, and you want someone to share your life with, and not just your bed for a night.7

#4 The stages of life. As I’ve said earlier, life is a game of stages. And when you’re mentally prepared to enter the next stage, your mind convinces you of the benefits of moving to the next stage. And marriage is a pretty important stage in life. If you truly love someone, take the plunge. It’ll be a whole new experience that’ll be worth the ride. 77

#5 Tradition. Marriage is a tradition that’s stood the test of time. And just like how we tend to believe things that have been tried and tested, marriage is one of those traditions that has worked for almost all couples, as long as they’ve truly love each other.5

#6 You’re truly in love. Have you been in a serious relationship for more than a few years with the same person and you’re still truly happy to be in love? You’re more ready than you think. 2#7 #7 A great support system. Marriage is the best support system that life offers. When you’re going through a difficult time, just knowing that you have a spouse who can share and ease your burden can help you get a better outlook towards life.7

#8 Motivation. Just the thought of knowing that you have a significant other who loves you and cares for you can give you the strength and determination to become a better person and pursue your goals and ambitions with renewed vigor. If you truly love the one you’re married to, you’d be motivated to create a better life for you and your spouse.Untitled-1

#9 A name for your relationship. So you’re dating someone for several years. But dating someone and being married to someone just doesn’t sound the same. A dating relationship is always considered to be more casual than a marriage. And if you really do love your boyfriend or girlfriend, wouldn’t you want to be taken more seriously as a couple?6
#10 Maturity. With marriage comes maturity in life. A marriage requires trust, faith and commitment which makes a boy grow into a man, and makes him feel more responsible for himself and the relationship. At the same time, it gives a woman the emotional security of a stable relationship because her man’s commitment proves that he truly loves her and won’t stray into another woman’s arms.tttt
#11 You want children. Do you stare at those commercials on the telly where they show happy kids doing cute things and running around a park? When you’re ready for marriage, you’ll find yourself getting drawn to children and babies with curiosity and affection.5

#12 Marriage gives financial dependability. As a girlfriend and boyfriend, you can definitely share each other’s monetary good fortune and deal with tough times. But when you’re married to each other, there’s more financial security because both of you lead your lives and aspirations keeping each other in mind.4

#13 Growing old with someone. This may not make much sense if you’re still young. But as you get older, you’d enjoy the pleasure of spending time with a special someone that you love more than anyone else in the whole world. Just knowing that you have someone to take care of you, understand your preferences and your principles in life, and vice versa, can make you feel more satisfied in life and give more meaning to your existence.


#14 Meaning to life. A marriage can make you more focused in life. When you’re married to someone, you’re not just responsible for yourself. You’re responsible for your partner too. Together, both of you have created a new entity that breathes life as a couple. Like a bigger, better job, a marriage means more responsibilities, but it also gives you more satisfaction and meaning to your existence.