Why Do Men Lie In Relationship

 People lie for different reasons but men specifically have some, sometimes funny and bizarre reasons for telling lies to their partners. If his lies hurt you because he’s putting his needs ahead of that of your relationship, then it’s time to exit the relationship. If you don’t trust him and want to know the truth, don’t listen to his excuses. Find out the truth!

Here are a few of the reasons why men lie to their partners.

He Thinks You’re Too Sensitive


If he feels that you are so sensitive and cannot handle much truth then he may lie to you. Men prefer to keep a more even and neutral emotional feeling. When he’s not sure how you’ll react, he may lie in order to keep you happy.

He Wants To Impress You


May be he has said so many things which are not true just to impress you. So in order to cover that lie he keeps on repeating his lies again and again because he wants to show you he’s worthy of your attention, affection, and devotion. They want to impress you and/or they don’t feel like “enough” without lying or putting up a front.


He is ashamed of his work


Some time they do things which are embarrassing things to express. They may be watching porns or masturbate and they don’t want to share these things with you. He may not know how to tell you the truth if you ask him if he has a stash of pornographic movies, if the reason he’s spending so much time in the bathroom is due to masturbation or if he’s doing something he’s not proud of.
He’s Doing Something He Knows You Won’t Like


 Well he might be hanging lot with his friends or even with girls which you might not like so he tends to lie. No woman wants to hear that her man is hanging around a lot of women, which occasionally happens with men.


Fear Of Being Honest


A man will for instance lie to you if he knows you will get angry or upset at the truth. If he wants to hang out with his friends and you frown upon it, he will feel a justification to lie for him to be happy. Men need time to relax and hangout with their friends and if your man can’t do that without the fear of you disapproving, then he will feel choked and trapped. If he feels the need to go out once in a while, allow him to be honest with you and he will most times be truthful about it in the future.


He’s Scared Of Hurting You


He doesnot want to tell everything. Let’s say if a dress does not suit your body he will lie and say you look amazing because he doesnot want to hurt you. When you ask him if you’re getting fat and he tells you you’re not, even when you know you are, chances are he’s lying because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. They don’t want the drama.


He is Sh*t

There’s that possibility that the reason why he is lying is simply because he has done something wrong which he knows will have a lot of serious consequences on your relationship if you ever discover.