Indian Couple Becomes First-Time Parents In Their 70s

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

An Indian couple is welcoming their first child in their 70s. They are promptly celebrating the arrival of their first child after 46 years of being married. An Indian woman Daljinder Kaur at her age of 72-year have gave a birth to her first ever baby on April 19, 2016. Her husband Mohinder Singh is believed to be in his 79-year-old. They have given a birth to a baby boy and have named Arman Singh. After a birth to their first child in her her seventies last month, Daljinder Kaur have became the world’s oldest mum.

This couple belongs to Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab. Their were some disorder, which was not letting them have their own baby. They even had adopted a boy before, but the bitter truth that he did not returned back after leaved for US to study. So, they no more wanted to adopt baby. They decided to go for fertility treatment following the end of a bitter family feud in September of 2014. They went through IVF treatment for two years just to have their own baby. Finally, they have been able to give a birth to their child without any complication despite of not content with a natural birth.