Nepali Short Movie F@ke Love

A girl is dreaming of going abroad and a bright future.But, her situation and environment is not favoring her at all. She is frustrated with this and spends her most of the time in internet.During her excessive spend on internet, she meets a guy, she gets so close.Their friendship goes to forward. She gets too much attracted and starts to believe on him, who identified himself as an US army. This is a story running of new short movie “F@ke Love “. This movie is showing a growing love and trust through internet in it’s first phase.

Later, story runs to some unpredictable things to a girl. She gave all her heart and soul to him. He also promised her to take her US with him. Itwas a dream coming true situation for her. It was a perfect life for her, a perfect guy and a perfect dream. She felt everything is going as per her plan. All of sudden, guy asks her for some amount with a girl as he have some technical disturbance in money process.She trusts her and agrees to give that huge amount with a hope that he wold soon take her in US with him. But, the ending for a girl is just too bad. She lose all things from her life. Her dream and a huge money, which is almost impossible to recover, because a guy was just f@king to her. He was a fr@ud, who always makes a fr@ud and loot to innocent people.