Mero Mann by Pradeep Raj Dhami

New Nepali pop song has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of Music Nepal. Mero Mann is the title of the song, which is a very sentimental song.

The singer of the song Mero Mann is Pradeep Raj Dhami. Singer Pradeep Raj Dhami is also the lyricist and music composer of the song. The music video of the song has been directed by Jiwan Shahi and artists Vishma Paudel and Anu Parajuli are starring in the music video of the song.

The song is about the feelings of the guy who recently broke with the love of his life. The guy loves the girl and does not want to be away from her. But a simple misunderstanding makes the girl angry and she breaks up with him. The guy gets very sad and wants the girl to know what he is currently feeling. He also remembers all the memories and good times they has spent together.