Natural Remedies To Lower Uric Acid Levels At Home

Uric acid is lifelong disease. So,it better to prevent rather than cure. Life style and food habits are the main factors of uric acid increasing level. Apply these given remedies to prevent from this diseases.

1. People with excessive body weight most suffer from uric acid problem.So, it is better to control the body weight. There may be problem in circulation of blood due to collection of uric acid in obesity cases.
2. Ho*t and sour food and meat consumption increases the high rate of r!$k for uric acid.Especially, red meat or liver, kidney, heart intake should be controlled.
3. Reduce the consumption of meat soup, beer kind of liquor.
4. Stop consumption of beans, mustard spinach, goat, duck meat, scorpion, ice-cream, bread or cake.These food are most r!$ky food for uric acid problem.
5. Avoid the food that are fried in oil.Oil fried food converts oil andfat into rain seed. Rain seed k!!ls Vitamin E, which ultimately increase the uric acid level.
6. Take banana, potato,milk, yogurt, strawberry, lemon kind of calcium food daily.
7. Reduce intake of soft drinks, such as; coke, fanta, sprite, pepsi or mirinda. These soft drinks increases the level of uric acid.
8.Plenty of water is an essential thing for healthy kidney. Drinking at least 10 glass of water will help in healthy kidney and lower the r!$k uric acid.
9. Have regular exercises and plenty of fruits for fitness of body.