Rose Rana to take legal action against “Khukuri Attacker”


Namastenp, Kathmandu,Aug 17, 2016- Rana, whose original name is Saroj Thapa and he is one of the actor,director had sustained injuries in his upper limbs after the attack on Monday night and he said that those person who attract me on the Monday that he will have come on legal action. While talking with the Media Np on Wednesday,he told that he can recognize that person if he come in front of his.
And in another side, Police on Tuesday arrested two persons on charge of attacking filmmaker ‘Roj Rana’ with Khukuri in Old Baneshwor. The Metropolitan Police Crime Division identified the arrested as Bibechan Prajapati aka Mote, 28, of Bhaktapur and Surya Lama aka Katunje, 18, of Dhading. According to police, the mastermind of the attack Ratna Bahadur Lama is on the run. Lama had promised to pay Rs 3 million if the duo succeeded in inflicting serious physical harm to Rana. “Rana and Lama were partners in various extortion. Their relationship soured over monetary issues and later Lama orchestrated the attack,” said SP Sahakul Thapa, spokesperson of MPCD.