Real Name Of Nepali Celebrities

We all admire celebs for their style and charisma. They deeply impact our daily lives, and from dressing up like them and imitating the way they talk, many of us even name our own children after them. But most of us – and I’m quite confident saying this – don’t know the real names of the stars we regard highly and love so much!
Here are few celebrities who changed their real names after entering into Kollywood.
Karishma Manandhar

With a distinct reputation for her good looks and stunning acting performances, Karishma has secured the reputation of being one of Nepal’s most hot actresses. Her real name is Bhunu KC and is now she is well known as Karishma in our industry.
Garima Pant

The small town girl from and now a successful actress in Kollywood, Garima is known for her good acting skills and humble nature.She chnaged her name from Kamala Pant to Garima Pant.
Nikhil Upreti

Popularly known as ‘Action King of Kollywood,’ Nikhil Upreti is one of the most successful actors of Nepali Cinema. His real name is Dinesh Upreti and it was while entering the film industry that he changed it to Nikhil Upreti.
Paul Shah

Popular for his iconic physique and star-appearance, Paul Shah is one of the most popular actors in Kollywood. The real name of this cute actor is Purna Bahadur Shah.
Aryan Sigdel

A successful actor who’s done over a fifty Hindi movies, Aryan Sigdel needs no introduction. The real name of this Kollywood ‘romantic’ hero is Harish Sigdel and he is believed to have changed his name for film industry only.
Biraj Bhatta

The macho man of Nepali cinema was originally Bhoraj Bhatta. Aren’t you glad that you knew him as Biraj Bhatta all this while?
Ramit Dungana

Our talented action hero who had also worked in many films and was very popular years ago. Ramit Dungana real name is Radheshyam Dhungana.
Jharana Thapa

She is known for cool, bindas attitude. Like other film stars, she changed her name from Kamala Thapa to Jharana Thapa.
Nandita KC

This dusky beauty, who makes guys go weak on their knees, was named Shova KC , by her parents. Later she changed to Nandita KC.
Melina Manandhar

This beautiful actress couldnot get much success in the industry. She too changed her name from Sunita Manandhar to Melina Mandhar.
Yuna Upreti

yuna upreti
Former actress and model Yuna Upreti’s first name was Yamuna Upreti.
Usha Poudel

This beautiful actress real name is Rukmani poudel. She changed her name just to enter in Kollywood.

Aana Sharma

aana sharma
Latest sensation in Kollywood Aana Sharma real name is Annapurna Sharma.