Actresses who married for money

The world goes round in money and fame. When it comes to glamour world of Kollywood, you will see that there are a lot of high profile and rich celebrities. Some of Kollywood females who could not earn so much money married the rich men, and are now living ideal lives. Can you name any of such ladies?

Garima Panta


The most beautiful actress of kollywood industry secretly married NRN who lives in Belgium.

Karishma Manandhar


It’s really hard to believe Binod and Karishma is couple and they make us wonder. Binod Manandar has help Karishma to be established in the industry for long time. They have a daughter named Kabita.

Rekha Thapa


We are very much familiar with Rekha’s background before she entered industry.She used to be a lesser known model and actress.  So we can easily guess why marriage took place. She was able to create huge furor in media after tieing a knot with Chhabi Ojha.

Note: She has divorced Chhabi Ojha.

Rejina Upreti


She could not get so much fame and popularity as a Kollywood actress and hence married Suraj Pokharel who lives in UK.

Simpal Khanal


This adorable and hot lady married the businessman of Indian origin, living in the UK.

Jharana Bajracharya


This beautiful and dusky beauty  unfortunately, could get not many successful films and has married a Malaysian businessman of Indian origin, Rahul Agarwal.