Nepali Celebrities Who Died In Young Age

Nepal has lost famous personalities due to many reasons. There are lots of Nepali celebrates who died in yearly age. We miss them and their work. It’s worse when the celebrities die in their very young age.

Here is a list of Nepali Celebrities who had lost their way too soon:

  • Shrisha Karki


Sushma Karki is one of the beautiful actress in which she had featured lots of  successful movie like Sukha Dukha , Anshabanda, Aawara , Soltini, Bacha Bandan etc.

She was just 24 years old when , when she died  in October 2002 , which was three days after a newspaper ” Jana astha” did published a nude pictures of her and accused her of prostitution. She was an actress with potential and had indeed attained incredible heights of success in her very young age. Unfortunately, she committed suicide.

  • Shree Krishna Shrestha


 Lots of people are crying when Shree Krishna Shrestha was died due to the bone cancer. The most versatile and prolific actor of Nepal was non other than Shree Krishna shrestha who is mostly resignedly remembered as superstar of Nepali film Industry.  His role in film’s Maiti and Afno Manche are remembered still.He died at the age of 47 on August 10, 2014 while diagnosing pneumonia and bone cancer in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi .Millions of people participated in his funeral process in Katmandu and was national honor by the Nepal Government. He is still in our mind.

  • Alok Nembang


Nepali film director, VJ, and Actor , Alok Nembang was found dead in his home Dhapasi ,Kathmandu on November 6,2014 due to apparent suicide. He had directed Kohi Mero and sano Sansar film by which he got the biggest fame of his work. He has directed over 500 of music videos, was a VJ in Image Channel in 1998.He has also acted in the Limbu Language film ‘NumaFung” in 2004. He died at the age of 41′

  • Karina Khatri


An child artist , Karina Khatri had died in the April 25, 2015 earthquake at the age of 12. Karina had acted  in the play ” Beimani Kaal”  and has participated in the 6th National Children Theater Festival organized by Shailee theater and has won the Shailee best Actor award.

  • Neha Pun


Known as Yoruna (Neha) pun , a magar film actress was killed on February 2,2016. She died at the age of 19. Neha had played in magar film’s ‘Gaula ‘and ‘Yupa’. as per the investigation she was raped and killed on her way back from her work. After the week of the incident police has published the culprit named” Satish Khadgi” ,and punished him thoroughly.

  •  Sabina BK


Sabina BK, who was an Nepali actress and model killed in an accident while shooting in Delhi, India . She was killed when a train hit her during a shooting. She ha played as supporting actress in the upcoming film ‘ Time Never Comes Back’ and was featured in Nepali music videos.

  • Manju Mahat


Manju Mahat , Nepali folk singer and model has killed in the road accident on March 2014. She died at the age of 23 yr and was very popular in the folk Nepali music. She started her singing career after she joined university . Her first recorded formal song was” Teej aayo Cham Chami”.  Her demise at such a young age brought a huge loss to Nepali folk music.