Nepali Comedy Fun Funny

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

This is a New Nepali Comedy Funny movie with full on entertainment presented by NK TV . A love have been presented in a very funny way in this comedy movie. Girl imagines her dream boy and having a dating with quality time together.

She imagines her dream boy praising her beauty with a  rom@nce and making her feel especial. Suddenly, she awaken from her dream and imagination. Then, she plans to meet her boyfriend on same day. But, a boy was hanging out with his friends and had no money on the same day. Suddenly,  girl calls him and ask him to meet her. Boy shares with her that he got no money , still  girl wants him to meet her. By could not deny her request so he manages money. They plans to meet in a restaurant. They meet on the planned restaurant and  orders the food.

Boy asks to give a k!$s to him, but girl denies to do so. Girl makes an excuse of open space and all. Then, guy refers her to  k!$s as he can hide their face with  newspaper. Now, to know what happens after this you must watch the full episode of this comedy movie.