What is the reason behind celebrating Janai Purnima?


Nepal is a beautiful country with various religion and cultural. Among all the festivals janai purnima is one of the interesting and greatest festivals. Janai purni ma is also known as Rakhshya Bhandan, Srawani Purnima, Rishi Purnima. Janai Purnima also known as sacred thread festival. This festival falls in the full moon of Bhadra (August). This festival is very much popular among the Hindus.

On the occasion, especially Hindu Brahmins and Chhetris who have undergone Brata bandha (hair saving ceremony) change the sacred thread janai (white cotton string worn across the chest) and also tie sacred thread around the wrist of the right hand. This is the day in which people share happiness. It is believe that the use of the sacred thread will bring them good luck.

People have belief that if someone ties Tago on this day by the Bhraman Priests; and offer them donations; they will earn virtue and blessings from the God for auspicious life. On this day people take fast of 1 day.

People celebrate the festival eating Kwati (soup cooked from germinated pulses) and other special food items.


They take ritual dips in the water and offer ablution to the gods.


Especially Brahmins ties tago for the people and they change their janai (sacred thread) once a year on this day while other Hindus have a sacred thread tied around their wrists.


Rakshya Bandan is primarily observed in India and in Tarai districts of Nepal. Lately, the festival is celebrated throughout the nation.