Satyam Rana Wins An Award..

We had already mentioned in our earlier post that VFX artist Satyam Rana and Aaki Sharma were nominated for the best VFX artist of the year…Well Mr.Satyam Rana has won award for best VFX artist of the year. He received this award in LG Film Award which was organized by Dinesh DC.

Talanted VFX artist Satyam Rana’s works include Dreams, Stupid Maan,Mala,Facebook,Bhulbhulaiya,Fraud,Saya,Yo Sahino Maya Ko,Parcel,Sakuntala,Jai Pashuram,Hawaldar Suntali,Break Fail,Bidhuya,Gigalo,Sorry La,Lajja,Best friend forever,,Mero Valentine,Kismat 2, Bhupu Lahure,Ek Pal,Bhani Deu Na Maya Garchhu,Jaau Hida Pokhara,Champion,Hindi film Suraag and so on. He won award for best VFX for the movie Mala in box office award.He also got appreciation certificate from the movie Bato Muni Ko Phool 2.


Actor Shiva Shrestha is going to open Coffee Shop



Namastenp, Kathmandu-7 Bhadra,

Actor Shiva Shrestha is one of the popular and handsome actors. He is one of the oldest actors in Nepali film industry, Shiva Shrestha is well known for his charms and a lively character that he portrays in his movies. He has played more than 70 movies. He has also played in a numerous Pakistani movies, and had received film awards in recognition of his excellent performance the 1982 blockbuster movie “Jeevan Rekha” is his first movie.

He is famous in action movies as well as in romance movies. He is known for his good dancing skills and action sequences in the movies.

Before one year, he was featuring some movie but now he has no movie to play. So, now he is going to do new business. He is preparing to open coffee shop in the place of Bhaisiparty. On Tuesday, Movie’s director Prakash Saymi has given this information on Twitter.

This is good news for us but it gives bad sign because one of the famous actor who was going to open Coeffe shop in Bhaisiparty.

This is raising big question for us that why is he going to open this business? Is he going to open this business due to his low financial problem? Because, in an interview, he said that “he would be director if not an actor”.

Dipendra K Khanal is coming soon with the new movie “Love Love Love”


Namastenp, Kathmandu, 6 Bhadra.
Talented Director Dipendra K Khanal is going to direct a new movie “Love Love Love” and he is directing this type of love story movie for the first time.

Director Dipendra K Khanal said that the movie would give a new impression and height to audience. Director Dipendra K Khanal is a highest paid director in Nepal Film Industry, who is known best for his direction in Pashupati Prasad and Chapali height 2.

New actors like Suraj Pandey seem to be concerned about good performance in his first movie “Love Love Love”.

On Sunday, By gathering all the press Meeting, The movie was finalize to make. And in this movie Swostima Khadka and Suraj pandey are leading main role. Amrit pandey will be presenting in the movie and Sharmila Pandey is producer of the movie.

Among with the Swostima and Suraj other stars like Desh Bhakta Khanal, Laxmi Bhusal, Ramesh Budathoki, Rupa Rana are also leading in this movie. According to Director,”The movie will be started to make from 9 of Bhadra”.

Two Super Star Of Nepal In One Film DOSTI

About New Nepali Movie “Dosti”

A presentation of Sophia Cine Art New Nepali Movie Dosti bannered by Rose Rana. It was released in theater 5th January 2009.

The movie is directed by Madan Ghimire.

Krishna Shrestha is Cinematography of this movie as well Rupak Rana is a producer of the movie. The story, screenplay, dialogue, producer of this movie “Dosti” is Presented by Maunata Shrestha. The actor Biraj Bhatta and Arjun Karki is leading main role in this movie.

Star Cast of “Dosti”

The featuring actor in this movie are Nikil Upredi, Rose Rana, Biraj Bhatta, Dinesh Sharma, Arjun Karki Ram Keshor Bogatti, Kishor Bhatta and leading popular actress are Jenisha Kc, Subhadra Adhikari. Dosti is an action movie and well known super hit movie.

Nikhil Upreti is one of the popular actors in the Nepali film industry. He featured Numerious Nepali movie which made us entertaining. Nikhil enter in Nepali film industry after played Pinjada that released in 2000, in which he jumped off a seven storied building of Manipal Hospital. He has worked in more than 110 films, won Best Actor in National Films Award for Hami Tin Bhai. Nikhil achieve highly success after he successfully direct and acting in ‘Bhairav’. His movie released after ‘Bhairav’ – ‘Lootera’ was also successful. These days, Nikhil is busy in shooting of a number of other movies. And now he came back in the new Nepali movie Dosti leading as a main role.

In the past, Rose rana had produced a number of movies and had also acted in some of them. He is also a well-known actor/ producer as well as director in nepali film industry. He also played several movies like dui moto ko takkar, Don, Dada giri etc. And now he is come back with a new nepali movie Prasuram. The movie named ‘Parsuram’ by producer and actor Rose Rana, will also be his debut movie as a director.

We know that the popular name of Biraj Bhatta as a famous actor in Nepali film industry for more than decade. He also played numerous Nepali movie as well as many of the Bhojpuri movie industry, as most of the movie he’s worked in falls under the category of action films. He is the highest paid Nepali film actor. Biraj Bhatta had his stage performance in Qatar on Dashain and also in motihari. And now he again came in the new nepali movie “Dosti”.

In the past time, Dinesh Sharma is also a well-known name in the nepali film industry. He played several movies as an actor, as a villain. His role is very effective in the movie that can attract the audience. And now he came back in new Nepali movie “Dosti” played as a negative role.

Arjun Karki is also a well-known actor and he does several Movies like dui moto ko takkar, love story in 2066 etc. But now days he doesn’t seen in movie industry.

As well Jenisha Kc is a new actress in the Nepali film industry. She also present in the various movie as an actress. She does several movies like Love in china border, Amar preeti, Josh, Maile Bhulnai sakena etc. Her movie is very popular as well featured.

Everybody knows the name of Subhadra Adhikari as a beautiful actress in the past time. She also did several movies as a leading actress. And now she is getting older so she is featuring in movie as a mother’s role.

Madan Ghimire is the best Nepali director known in the Nepali film industry.

My Review

Dosti is a friendship and it is a state of mutual trust and support. In this movie, there we can see a strong bond friendship of the two leading actor. Arjun karki is leading as a rich family and Biraj Bhatta is leading as poor family background. As they both are very close friend in first part but the same time beautiful lady enter due to her their friendship broken. After this incident, this story taken a new mode. To know more about this story, you should watch the movie and comment on my review.

The credit of this movie goes to the Bd Channel Pvt Ltd.

-Sona Thapa