Honeymoon Night Nepali Ho*t Movie

A ho*t and comedy Nepali short movie “Honeymoon Night” have been uploaded in enjoy nepal official YouTube channel. The motive behind this short comedy movie is to give a entertainment and fun for people. The short movie will surely give an epic but entertainment to all the people.

The main comic moment of this movie is the conversation of two brothers and a daughter and her mother in a code language. The short movie begins with the new marriage. The bride and bridegroom gets too much disappointed with their first night because they both are new in this things. Their friends have asked them to make their first night too much memorable but could not do so.

In an early morning, both bride and bridegroom goes for a suggestion seek to their near one. The guy goes to his brother and they starts to have their conversation in their code language. Similarly, girl goes for her mother. They also starts to have their conversation in a code language. Both conversation is too much epic and ho#rr!ble. The conversation will amazes all the viewers. So, you people also can check out have a big laugh through out the movie.